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Facts About the Bible

Posted by foryourfaith on December 9, 2009


Most of the information is generally agreed upon by Bible scholars.  However, some of these statements are subject of debate.

  • Number of books in the Hebrew Bible:  24.  These books are traditionally categorized under three headings:  Torah (or Law, Prophets, and Writings.
  • Number of books in the Protestant version of the Old Testament:  39.
  • Number of books in the Catholic version of the Old Testament:  39,p plus seven books of Apocrypha.
  • The Bible is not a single book but a collection of scrolls or stacks of volumes until the fourth century AD.
  • The Bible was divided in the 16th century, long after the printing of the first Bible, into the chapters and verses we use today.
  • Number of chapters in the 39 books of the Old Testament:  929; verses:  23,314; words:  593,493.
  • Number of books in the New Testament:  27; chapters:  260; verses:  7,959; words:  181,253.
  • Shortest book in the Old Testament:  the Book of Obadiah.
  • Shortest book in the New Testament:  2 John.  Shortest verse:  John 11:35, “Jesus wept.”
  • The longest verse of the Bible:  Esther 8:9, consisting of 90 words describing the Persian Empire.
  • Middle verse of the Bible (Old and New Testament):  Psalm 118:8.  “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to ut confidence in man.”
  • Oldest verses in Bible:  fragments of “The Song of Deborah.”
  • Newest verses:  Gospel of John, dating around 100 AD.
  • The name Yahweh or Lord appears in the Bible 855 times.
  • The name Jesus appears 700 times in the Gospels and Acts, fewer than 70 times in the Epistles.  The name Christ occurs 60 times in Gospels and Acts, 240 times in Epistles and Revelation.

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