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Released by an Angel

Posted by foryourfaith on May 23, 2010

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A violent enemy of Christians, King Herod Agrippa arrested the apostle Peter just before the Passover festival, intending to execute him after it. The apostle was heavily guarded and on the night before he was be to brought out before the people he was sleeping in chains between two soldiers, while two other soldiers guarded the door.

Suddenly light shone in the cell. An angel appeared and woke Peter, whose chains fell away. ‘Get up quickly,’ the angel said, ‘and follow me.’ Convinced he was dreaming Peter went silently with the angel past the guard-posts to the iron gate leading to the city. The gate opened by itself and the two went along the streets until the angel vanished. Waking as if from a trance, Peter was amazed to find he was free.

Peter went straight to the home of Mary, mother of Mark, where people had gathered to pray for him. A young servant girl heard his knock at the door and recognized his voice, but when she told the others they said that she was mad. When she insisted, they concluded, ‘It is his angel.’ But Peter continued to knock and when they finally let him in they were dumbfounded by his description of what had happened. Peter then fled the city to avoid the wrath of Herod. The furious king demanded an explanation of what had happened to his prisoner – and when no one could tell him anything, he had the unfortunate soldiers who had guarded him put to death.


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  1. Incredibly awesome read! Really.

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