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Miracles of Edward the Confessor

Posted by foryourfaith on June 14, 2010

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The English monarch Edward the Confessor, who reigned from 1042 to 1066, was well-known for his humility, piety and justice. The Annals of Roger of Hoveden, written in the twelfth century, record three miracles that epitomize Edward’s virtues.

Not long after he became king, Edward passed a leper on his way to church. Officials tried to move the leper on, but Edward told them to leave him where he was. Then the leper called out to the king, “I conjure thee, by the living God, to carry me on thy shoulders into the church.” Ignoring the protests of his courtiers, Edward bent down and ordered them to lift the leper onto his shoulders. He prayed for the man to be cured, and as they entered the church, the leper was indeed made whole again.


On another occasion Edward went with the queen and Earl Harold (who was to be the next king) to his treasury to look at the funds that had been collected for military and household expenses. The money had been amassed, without Edward’s knowledge, by the imposition of land tax on every English province. Inside the treasury, visible only to him, Edward saw the devil sitting on the currency. When the king asked what he was doing there, the devil replied that he was guarding the money that belonged to him because it had been taken unjustly from the poor. Edward ordered that the money be returned immediately to those who had paid it.

One day, while lying prostrate before the Mass, Edward had a vision of the king of the Danes preparing a large ship to invade England. But just as he was stepping from a rowing boat onto the larger ship, the Danish king fell into the water, and the ship immediately broke up into pieces. Edward smiled at the sight and thanked God.

After the service the bishop asked the king why he had smiled. Edward described his vision and urged all present to note the day and the hour. Messengers sent to Denmark confirmed that what the king had seen in his vision had in fact occurred that day while he was at Mass.



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