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The Search For Mount Sinai

Posted by foryourfaith on July 20, 2011


Moses received the Law of God on the peak of Mount Sinai. Yet the exact location of the sacred site remains a mystery. That the Bible itself alludes to Mount Sinai by various names – among them “the mountain,” “the mountain of God,” and “Mount Horeb” – complicates the search.

In fact, scholars have suggested some dozen different mountains, both in the Sinai desert and Arabia, as the place where Israel was bound to the Lord’s covenant. The sites in Arabia are thought to have been volcanic in ancient times and thus may conform to the biblical description that “the whole mountain quaked greatly.” To add to the confusion, the route of the Exodus has never been confirmed, so no one mountain can be identified with certainty.

Nevertheless, since the fourth century AD, the traditional location of Mount Sinai has been Jebel Musa, a jagged mountain situated on the southern end of the Sinai Peninsula. On its northwest slope sits the present-day Monastery of Saint Catherine. Although the question will probably remain unanswered forever, contemporary scholars think that this site or some nearby peak is the most likely of all.


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2 Responses to “The Search For Mount Sinai”

  1. the word of me said

    You forgot to include the information that is coming from the archaeologists whose work has been to verify the old Hebrew stories. Several of them from Israel are saying that there was never a time when a million or more Hebrews were enslaved in Egypt…there was never an Exodus of said million+ marching through the Sinai for 40 years…not on ounce of archaeological evidence to back up the myth. And then there is Joshua and his warriors, but that another story.

    Remember, there is no hard physical evidence to back up the Exodus story, but evidence of other peoples at different times passing through is readily found.

    I think the Exodus story has to be placed alongside the other mythical Biblical stories such as: Adam and Eve, The Flood, Tower of Babel, etc..

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